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Wedding Boutonniere with Feathers

Boutonnieres are so beautiful and an important part of the grooms wedding jewelry on his Big Day. On my own wedding day I saw how very proud and incredibly special my husband felt wearing his boutonniere!

It’s not as difficult to make boutonnieres as you may think and making your own may well save you a lot of money - in particular if you need several boutonnieres.

DIY wedding boutonniere using hessian burlap muslin and feathers

DIY wedding boutonniere with DIY flowers
Two pictures of the same boutonniere. One with Guinea Fowl feathers and one without - two completly different results!

You can make boutonnieres using fresh flowers, dried flowers or no flowers at all. If you would like to make your boutonnieres using fresh flowers it is a super good idea to make up a “prototype” some months ahead of your wedding day.  It’s an excellent way to experiment with different flowers and colors so you can achieve the look you wish and you may also avoid any last minute panics.
When you have settled on a “boutonniere design” take some photographs of the end result and print them out for reference come the Big Day – in particular if you are not the one making the boutonnieres on the day. This will save you heaps of time and potential last minute stress trying to work out what you decided on. If you use fresh flowers remember to make your boutonnieres at the very last moment – at the earliest the day before your wedding day. Store them in the fridge up until the very moment they are ready to go on the jackets/shirts. This way they will keep fresh the longest.     

In this article I will show you how I made the boutonniere on the photo using mainly fabrics and a few guinea fowl feathers. When using dried flowers, fabric, feathers, ribbon, buttons etc. for your boutonnieres you can prepare everything well ahead of the wedding and save one of many “last minute” wedding preparations. The more projects you have been able to prepare ahead of your wedding day the better it is – especially if you are doing lots of other DIY projects.

To make the boutonniere on the photo I used the following materials and tools:
Muslin (1 strip 24-36” long and 2.5” wide)
A bit of lace ribbon (7.5” long - placed about 5” in on the strip)
A pair of scissors
Cotton string
Sewing  needle
A small piece of burlap
A cocktail stick
Jute twine
Two small feathers (Guinea fowl plumage feathers)
A safety pin

Here is how I did it:
I started by cutting a piece of muslin approximately 2.5” wide and 24-36” long - the length really depends on how large you would your flower to be. My strip was 36” long but I trimmed a bit off it at the end.

I then folded the strip of muslin in half lengthways without pressing it and sewed along the open edge to the close it.

To add a bit of detail and a romantic look to my flower I sewed a piece of lace ribbon onto the muslin strip approximately 5” in from one of the ends of my muslin strip (see the photos below).
How to make a boutonniere for your DIY wedding

Starting at the same end of where I sewed on the lace I attached a bit of cotton string close to the stitched seam and sewed a few large stiches with a needle.

I then pulled the string slightly to get a small ruffled bouquet collecting at the end. This little bouquet was the center of my flower bud.

Holding the small bouquet between my fingers I started to loosely “wrap” the rest of the muslin strip around the “flower center” to create the look of “flower petals” (see the photos below).
How to make a boutonniere for your DIY wedding

While “wrapping” the muslin strip around and around creating my flower I sewed a few tight stitches through and around the bottom part of my flower bud to hold the layers of muslin in place where I wanted them.

When my flower bud had reached the size I wanted I cut off the excess muslin strip, folded in the end of the strip and attached it with stitches to the now finished flower bud.

Although the bottom of the “bud” may seem a little bit rough at this point the flowers bus is finished and ready to use (see the photos below).
How to make a boutonniere for your DIY wedding

Next I gave my flower bud a "stalk" by inserting a cocktail stick through the middle of the flower bud (from underneath). Once inserted, I glued the cocktail stick in place using my glue gun. You don’t need a glue gun to do this, you can use any fabric glue you have available or even “super glue” (see the photo below).
How to make a boutonniere for your DIY wedding

I then cut a small piece of burlap in the shape of a leaf and laid it underneath my flower bud. Next I took a long piece of twine and tied it firmly around the burlap and cocktail stick right underneath the flower bud. To cover the burlap and the cocktail stick I then started wrapping the twine tightly and neatly around both till I reached the end of the stick. At the end of the cocktail stick I firmly glued down the twine and started wrapping the twine around the cocktail stick again – this time going back up (see the photo below).
How to make a boutonniere for your DIY wedding

Halfway up – approximately at the middle of the cocktail stick - I attached a safety pin by also wrapping it in under the twine. The way to do this is to open the safety pin and lining “the back” (the closed part) of the safety pin up against the back of the boutonniere and then keep wrapping the twine around all the layers - the burlap, the cocktail stick, one layer of twine and the back part of the safety pin. I then kept wrapping the twine all the way back to the top and simply cut off any excess twine. Lastly I firmly glued the end piece of the twine to the back of the boutonniere (see the photo below).
How to make a boutonniere for your DIY wedding

With the safety pin securely in place, I stuck two small Guinea Fowl feathers down behind the flower bud and secured them with a small amount of glue. My boutonniere was now finished!

How to make a boutonniere for your DIY wedding

How to make a boutonniere for your DIY wedding

How to make a boutonniere for your DIY wedding

Enjoy your DIY project!

Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan


  • Alicia Rogneby

    how much did something like this cost?

    posted by Alicia Rogneby Sunday, 06 November 2016 01:24 Comment Link
  • Judy swims

    Very nice.I love this idea

    posted by Judy swims Monday, 16 May 2016 21:38 Comment Link

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