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DIY Escort Card Template - Striped

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DIY wedding escort card tutorial

Here is another version of our DIY Tepee-Style wedding escort card. Simply print the template out onto a white piece of paper and start folding your escort cards.

Image1. Cut out each escort card along the solid, thin grey lines with a pair of scissors so you get 4 strips which measures about 2.7 x 8.3 inches.

Write names and table numbers on each strip. 

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Image 2. Firstly fold each strip in half so your pattern and text is on the outside.

Image 3. Then fold the ends at the dotted lines. You may find it easier to first fold the ends outwards as you can see the dotted lines better.

Image 4. Now fold the ends inwards.

Image 5. Glue one end onto the other end at the bottom so you get the tepee shape.

Image 6. Punch a hole at the top of each tepee where indicated. Its easier to use a handpunch for this but a regular hole puncher works fine.

Image 7. Thread a small piece of ribbon approximately 4 inches long through the hole.

Image 8. Tie a small knot

Image 9. Your DIY wedding escort cards are now done!

Enjoy your DIY wedding project.

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