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    DIY Pin Wheel Template - Light pink


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    DIY wedding pin wheel template This is a great template for making your own Pin wheels.

    Pin wheels are brilliant for weddings and are a colorful & festive touch! You can make your pin wheels in any color or pattern that will fit your personal wedding theme. This pin wheel template here is based on the very light rose color but we can make a template for you using another color if you wish. Just send us an email with your request and we will help you the best we can.

    Simply print out onto a piece of paper which is white on one side and has a pattern on the other side.

    Print onto the white side of your paper.
    Cut out the squares and cut the slits in the squares with a pair of scissors. 

    Bend the tip of every second corner to the middle wihtout creasing the paper. This is how the pin wheel shape is made. 
    Secure ends with a paper fastener or pin. Cut of piece of dowel (0.2 inches diameter") to a lenght of 9.5 inches 
    Now simply attach the pinwheel to the piece of dowel and your pin wheel is ready. 

    Enjoy your DIY project


    Download Template for "pin wheel template"
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    DIY Member Special

    Mette Morgan

    Mette Morgan


    Casandra Pitzen2011-02-22 20:06#3
    worked for me... but im on a mac...
    Mette Morgan2011-02-08 23:03#2
    Thanks so much Alethea for letting us know. Download is working now..I hope you enjoyQuoting Alethea Young:
    The download doesn't work....
    Alethea Young2011-02-08 17:33#1
    The download doesn't work....

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