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DIY Place Cards With Flower Seeds

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Here is a charming and sweet way to combine a simple DIY wedding place card and a small DIY wedding favor.

Here is a great way to combine a DIY wedding place card with small DIY wedding favor.

The place card is simply a white card with the guests name on. And the favor, which is attached, is a small DIY flower seed bag with a small red tag which says “Grow the Love”.

It’s brilliantly simple to make these sweet place cards and we will give you the templates you need to create your own.

Here is how it’s done:

1. Print out the PDF file “White Place Cards”, cut the cards out with a paper cutter or a pair of scissors and finally write the guests names on the cards.

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2. Make your flower seed bags using either fabric or paper. I made my small paper bags for the flower seeds by using my paper cutter to cut small strips of brown paper measuring approximately 4¼"  x 1½", folding the strips in half and closing the sides using good crafting glue. I used brown paper for my small flower seed bags but any colored or transparent paper can be used.

3. Now print out the PDF file “Grow the Love Tags” and attach these small red tags to your DIY flower seed bags with a little bit of glue so they stay in place.

4. Finally close & attach your DIY “seed bag with the red tag” to your white place card by sewing the three parts together. I used straight stitches for my place cards but zig-zag stitches also look really nice. When you sew your place cards leave enough string on each side of the place card to be able to pull the excess string to the back to tie a small knot so your stitches won’t undo.

Enjoy your DIY wedding project!

The white DIY wedding place cards


Download Template for "White Place Card"
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Grow the Love DIY wedding tag


Download Template for "Grow The Love Tag"
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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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