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Where Love Grows!

Love should be celebrated when the two people decide to live to together for the rest of their lives. For some couples love is best celebrated on an exotic islands with snow-white sand beaches, swaying palms and turquoise green sea with colorful fish and corals.

For others, love grows on a cruise ship, while others seek experiences together on the Inca Trail in Peru or a riverboat on the Mekong. Where would you like to go for your honeymoon and how much action would you like for you and your life partner?

Take a tour through our honeymoon pages and discover some of the most romantic and fascinating places in world. It is always easier to get closer to each other when you are far away!


Hawaiian Honeymoon

About 25 million years ago a volcanic eruption created a unique paradise we today know as Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands are some of the finest and most distinctive in the world. Nature has been generous.

Here are exotic jungle valleys, black lava fields, green plains, towering mountains, an abundance of waterfalls and miles of golden beaches and lagoons with coral reefs.

There are over a hundred islands, the vast majority uninhabited, and only 6 are based on tourism. Hawaii is the most popular holiday destinations in the Pacific and many thousands of visitors spend time here each year.

The local people, culture and history is a great part the islands beauty. Hawaii’s population descents from immigrants from Asia, Europe, the rest of the U.S. and Polynesia which have all given Hawaii the character and charm it has today.

The vast majority of tourists come to Hawaii to sun and swim, but if you are keen on an active honeymoon there are a myriad of possibilities. Hawaii has some of the world's best golf courses, plenty of opportunity to play tennis, go diving, enjoy deep sea fishing and of course practice the national sport - surfing. Another popular "sport" – is "island-hopping" where you get a chance to really experience the diversity of each island. Don’t miss out!

The island, we recommend newly married couples, is Maui, which can take the breath away from everyone. Whether you are looking for active holidays or relaxing, Maui is the right place. Experience a romantic holiday with your partner in incredibly beautiful surroundings. Maui, the island of contrasts, will captivate you with it’s beautify and varied landscape. It’s lush green hillsides, pineapple plantations, rugged cliffs and rolling fields of flowers are spellbinding and is an absolute magical place for a honeymooners.

The eastern part of the Island is dominated by the stunning Haleakala National Park famous for its impressive volcano. A visit to the volcano at sunrise is a fantastic sight and a memory for life! Apart from idyllic and rare vistas the national park offers wonderful possibilities for bike and hiking trips along the charming winding road from the volcano’s peak to the coastal town of Paia

Maui’s western/south western coast is dominated by the most popular beaches, hotels and charming small towns like the old of Lahaina from which whale watching is very popular between December and April every year.

If you want to experience the "real" Hawaii, do not fail to visit at least one of the other islands so you get a feel for both the picturesque and varied scenery and fascinating culture which Hawaii has to offer.


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