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    Shani & Anthony - Woodinville, WA  

    Shani and Anthony took a real DIY approach to their wedding and almost got the whole family and her bridesmaids involved in the many DIY projects. I really like the way they managed to delegate and enlist family to take on projects which each family member would feel comfortable with.

    Shani and Anthony's wedding!
    Shani is getting prepared..The dress is just stunning!
    Her BEAUTIFUL Vera Wang dress! So pretty!

    And Anthony is getting ready..
    LOVE MUGS - so sweet!
    One of the bridemaids dresses and shoes!
    The gorgeous couple!
    Shani enlisted her dad and brothers to make the ceremony arbor - it's amazing!
    Shani's dad and brothers made the ceremony arbor from wood that they chopped and gathered from their family lake cabin in Idaho. I would love to know exactly how they did's so beautiful!

    Shani and her mum made the beautiful DIY pin wheels for the arbor and the result was incredible!
    Simple DIY wedding ceremony decorations. The blue paper pom poms really makes a difference!

    DIY escort cards and Shani and Anthony's unique guest book idea!
    A very inspirational DIY guest book idea and themed perfectly with the wedding location - The Columbia Winery!

    The beautiful ceremony under the romantic DIY arbor! I love it!
    The cute ring bearer!
    I have such a soft spot for this little cutie! What a ring bearer!

    So sweet..
    Table numbers carved out of wood by Shani's dad.
    Shani and her mom sewed burlap runners for the table centerpieces and her mom even knitted runners out of kid silk for the main tables! Shani's dad carved the table number holders out of wood that was left over from the arbor!

    Shani and Anthony's DIY wedding ceremony!
    Another sweet creation by Shani's dad..adorable cake toppers!
    Another sweet creation by Shani's dad...the most adorable toppers!

    These photos are just so wonderful!
    The unique DIY guest book idea!
    The unique guest book idea!

    The beautiful couple!
    Mason jars with flowers and pin wheels on..another one of Shani and her mom's DIY projects!
    Shani and her mom used antique buttons from Shani's great grandma’s collection for the center of the paper pinwheels that they put on the mason jars & the arbor. I love this idea!

    Shani and Anthony's Woodinville summer wedding
    What a stunning DIY wedding day!

    Shani and Anthony got married in the wine country of Woodinville, WA at the beautiful Columbia Winery surrounded by all their friends, family and of course their lovely dog “Frenchie Scout”.

    Shani say they took on many DIY crafty projects, from the ceremony arbor to cake topper, table numbers, burlap runners, DIY centre pieces, pinwheels, mason jar decorations, guest book and so much more. And the result…just magical!

    Bride: Shani Ward
    Groom: Anthony Ward
    The Date: 08-20-2010
    Location: Columbia Winery, Woodinville, WA

    Photographers: Heather and Grayson from Jagger Photography

    Mette Morgan

    Mette Morgan


    sonia2012-07-02 10:46#13
    I LOVE the fact you have your dog in your wedding!! Beautiful :)
    Charlotte2012-06-21 02:54#12
    Glad to hear. I'm going to do it! And great photographer tip - thanks!
    Shani2012-06-20 23:47#11
    Hi Charlotte,

    That's actually the reason I wanted to stand on the right side- it's my "good side" too! I don't think it was a big deal to anyone, but we don't come from religious families or anything. Definitely be sure to tell your photographers about your face preference! It sounds like a silly request, but wish I had because they took a lot of pics of the other side and I ended up disliking most of those ones!
    Charlotte2012-06-19 19:34#10

    I really want to stand on the right side like you did! I'm self-consious that my face has a 'non-photogenic side' (totally insane, I know, lol). Did anyone comment about you standing on the "wrong side"?
    Isla2012-06-04 23:19#9

    Such a beautiful wedding dress, could you possibly give me info on how to find it? Item code or dress name maybe?

    Thank you in advance :)
    Shani2012-04-27 00:08#8
    Hi all! I'm the bride of this wedding & actually just saw one of my pics posted on Pinterest, so I clicked through and it took me here! I know it's a little late, but I saw the questions and wanted to answer them. The mugs were from Anthropologie- they've carried them for years and I don't think they will ever stop selling them! The bridesmaid dresses were from the J.Crew chiffon collection. Thanks for all of the sweet comments, I love reading them!! S
    Ninzz2012-02-28 20:17#7
    wow. the fact that this wedding is homemade just makes it more beautiful. beautiful pictures, beautiful bride, beautiful bridesmaids dresses, seriously the best wedding i've seen in a while.
    Amber2012-01-03 22:29#6
    I would love to know where the bridesmaids dress are from, the color and style is wonderful!
    Candy2011-10-24 16:43#5
    This is the most beautiful and inspiring wedding I have seen. I love everything about it and what's better is that it's unique. I love penguins, I envy the cake topper.
    Mette Morgan2011-09-17 03:09#4
    Quoting Karaf:
    I would love to know where you found those teacup that spell out L-O-V-E! ! So cute! Beautiful wedding!

    Hi Karaf, I just love those mugs too!!!!! They are so amazingly gorgeous. If you go to "Our Favorite Finds" page here on under "Wedding Stores" you will find all the information you need. There are a few different styles available; Mugs and Teacups...I love them both so much - it's hard to choose;o))
    Karaf2011-09-15 18:00#3
    I would love to know where you found those teacup that spell out L-O-V-E! ! So cute! Beautiful wedding!
    Brittany2011-06-01 02:16#2
    Gorgeous! Incorporates everything I want in mine! :)
    Mike2011-05-17 14:39#1
    what a beautiful wedding. love the colors and unique ideas!

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