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Decorating Stationery

Wedding stationery is the first thing which comes to mind when planning a wedding and it’s a perfect DIY project. You can save loads of money and make something completely unique and personal which you and your guests will love.

Dress It Up!
You can dress up your stationery no matter how hands-on you decide to be in the stationery creation process. Whether you use our printable stationery templates – or go 100% DIY right from design, print and assembly you can give your wedding stationery an element of surprise and detail which will get your guests excited about your wedding.

Browse through our articles below for DIY wedding stationery decorating ideas. All the stationery shown are from "The DIY Store" using our home printable wedding statioenry templates.

Festive, Vintage & Fun

Rice & Confetti
The pin-striped mint-green wedding invitation is super festive and to add a bit fun we made some small “tea bag sized” pockets, filled them with a bit of rice and confetti and attached them to the invitations.

DIY wedding invitation decorating ideas

Here Is How We Did It

We took a piece of baking paper, folded it double and sewed it together several places approximately 3cm (1.25”) apart so little pockets were formed.

We then popped a little bit rice in some pockets and confetti in others. We then cut one piece of lace ribbon about 6cm (2.5”) long for each of the little pockets. We positioned one piece of ribbon inside the opening of each of the pockets and placed the small label (Let’s Celebrate) on top and sewed along the opening to close the bag with the ribbon and label in place.

do it yourself wedding stationery decorating ideas

Finally we trimmed the little pockets and sewed two small pockets onto each of our wedding invitations. A unique and fun touch which is easy to make and very low-cost. This decorating idea is super quick if you sew all your pockets first and then fill & close them one by one.

See the invitation template we used here


She Said Yes

Simple Idea with A Big Impact!
Have fun with your Save the Date cards and create excitement about your wedding. In this article we show you a quick & simple low-cost DIY decorating idea for your Save the Date card. You can also use this idea for your Wedding Invitation and Thank You Card too.

DIY wedding stationery decorating ideas

For this colourful Lollipop-Striped Save The Date Card we added a neat little detail by attaching a bright double-layered tag saying “She Said Yes”. Using normal card stock we simply cut a small white 3x7cm (1.25x2.75”) hang tag which we placed behind the red “She Said Yes” tag. We then punched a hole at the top of the tags and threaded them with a bit of ribbon. For extra detail we attached the ribbon to the invitation with a shiny paper fastener by simply making a small cut in the ribbon and the corner of the invitation so the paper fastener was easy to push through both parts. So easy, so fast and super festive!

The Save the Date card shown was made using our easy home printable template. The cards are quick and easy to do yourself and perfect for home printing.

See the save the date card here
Lollipop Striped Save The Date Card
& FREE BONUS "She Said Yes" Tags Template 


Country Styling

Romantic Country-Style!
For the romantic sage-green wedding invitations with the sweet vintage banner we wanted to dress it up country-style!

DIY wedding invitation decorating ideas -Style it up Country-Style!

It's easy to do. We simply tied a bit of twine around each invitation, threaded it through a small piece of burlap and a matching hang tag with the initials of the bride and groom.

This simple little trick beautifully created the tone for the country style wedding event we wanted. A romantic, easy and low-cost way to set the tone & style! For a less rustic look try this idea using a bakers twine, ribbon or lace instead of twine - and replace the burlap with a small piece of shiny silk instead. The difference is amazing!

The Wedding Invitation shown was made using our easy home printable template. The cards are quick and easy to do yourself and perfect for home printing.

See the wedding invitation here
Country Flower Invitation


Soft And Natural

Formal yet Natural & Soft
For the formal-style wedding invitation with the black vintage floral design we added a natural and soft touch by simply printing the invitation on recycled card stock and wrapping a strip of double-layered muslin around the middle.

DIY wedding invitation decorating ideas

We then made a small 6x4.5cm (2.5x1.75”) tag for the RSVP details, made a small hole in each side and threaded it with a black string. We then tied the string with the tag around the invitation to keep the strip of muslin in place - Such an easy and low-cost idea to give your wedding invitation detail and style.

See the wedding invitation here
Black Vintage Flower Wedding Invitation


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