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Which dress and what to consider

For every body shape there is a gorgeous wedding gown to fit.

Being a woman you naturally have curves. And if you have got them you should proudly show them off. Whether your frame is round, square, hourglass shaped, pear or apple shaped we have collected some tips to help you choose the right wedding dress doe your big day. Regardless of your figure there will always be a part of your body you need to emphasise and focus on rather than other parts of your body. And knowing what to focus on is very important when choosing your wedding dress.

Here's a little guide to what will typically suit you best depending on your figure.

If you are still in doubt after reading this just remember that the shop staff is there to guide you.

The round/plump woman:

Characteristics: You haven’t got much waistline or hips.

Focus on finding a simple wedding dress, that follows you figure. A loose hanging wedding dress will make you look bigger than you are. If you have long hair get your hairdresser to arrange your hair up high on your head and if possible get a hairstyle that is “tall” and remember to wear high heels. Both the hair and the heels will make you look slimmer and taller. Also try to avoid a dress with heavy embroidery as well as a dress with too much filling and underskirt.

The rectangular woman:

Characteristics: Your shape is straight up and down.

Place focus on your shoulders, boobs and neck by choosing a dress with a lot of details on the top. It can be really good idea to choose a wedding dress that has “layers” around the waist area with fill around the hips or even has a belt around the waistline as this will look like you waist is really smaller than what it is.

The “Empire Cut” is good for woman with this figure. A v-shaped neckline and a deep cut in the back will also give a more round look and add curves.

Avoid a tight wedding dress which won’t give you any curves.

The hourglass shaped woman:

Characteristics: You have large bosom, small waistline and wide hips.

Focus on your small waistline. You will be able to wear a very tight wedding dress with a belt or a ribbon, which will emphasise your lovely small waist. A dress with a v-shaped neckline will look wonderful if you have these characteristics. Avoid loose hanging dresses as they can make you look chubby if your waistline doesn’t show.

The pear shaped woman:

Characteristics: You have a short upper body, small waistline, wide hips, large buttocks & thighs.

Focus on your slim upper body. Choose a dress that emphasise your shoulders and do not call attention to your hips and thighs. A corsage with no sleeves or straps will look wonderful on you as it will lead the eye upwards. Wear a beautiful necklace. It will also lead the attention to the upper part of the body. It can be big advantage to choose a dress which is completely smooth and simple on the lower part. You can also try a Basque dress. This style of wedding dress is formed like a "V" on the top, just below your natural waist line. If the lower part of your body isn’t too wide you can with confidence choose a dress with the “Empire Cut”. It will be ideal for you. If your lower body is quite wide you should try to choose a skirt which has some stiffness to the lower part and with a slight A-shape as this will make you look smaller. An A-shaped dress is also known as a "Princess wedding gown". Avoid a wide and full skirt and too many decorations as you will move the focus to the lower part of your body. Avoid dresses with seams or belts around the waist as it can cause your stomach to look bigger.

The apple shaped woman:

Characteristics: You have a large bosom, wide shoulders, pot belly, narrow hips and small buttocks.

Focus on your hips and your little buttocks. You need to find a dress that makes your body to look balanced. Choose a wedding dress, that is tight on the upper part (but not too tight) with the lower part in the A-shape. A dress with Halter neck can be good to keep your big bosom in place. Avoid bodices with too much ornamentation and embroidery and "off the shoulder necklines" and stay clear of dresses with seams or belts at the waist as this will make your stomach appear bigger. Puffy sleeves is not a good idea either as you will appear bigger on top.

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