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This is DIYwedding.org

DIYWedding.org is an online source for all sorts of DIY wedding ideas, inspiration and wedding tips for modern brides all over the world who wish to personalize their wedding day and make it uniquely theirs. We focus and source our wedding inspiration from professional vendors in the wedding industry, from experienced & creative DIY brides and from DIY talented people throughout the web. Our goal is to continuously stimulate creativity and help brides personalize their dream wedding with help from professionals and through their own DIY projects & inputs.

DIY wedding in brief:
Our average members and readers are 28 years old, where 96% are brides who will marry in the coming 18 months, approximately 2% are working in the wedding industry and 1% is Maidens of honour or parents of the bride or groom. We currently get 25.000 visitors and 130.000 pages views per month. DIYWedding.org is growing quickly and is now averaging over 20% monthly growth rates.

The website was launched in 2009 with the goal to become a recognized website for DIY wedding ideas and inspiration. Already in 2010 we proudly achieved high search rankings for the search term DIY wedding in Google.com, Google.ca and Google.co.uk. As a result of our ever increasing content and our continual strive to cover all aspects of DIY weddings we can now proudly welcome new members to our site every hour of every day. Since launching our visitor numbers and page views has followed a steady increase and we will continue to expand and welcome many more new DIYWedding.org members. And we can’t wait!

Founders of DIYwedding.org

Yes, we are married and started DIYWedding.org together!
The DIYwedding.org website idea came to life when we found ourselves in the situation of having only 3 months to arrange, organize and personalize our own wedding. Using the internet extensively for our wedding research we found that a lot of the information out there was based on long-term planning and ready-made wedding solutions. As we had neither time nor wanted a “standard wedding” we decided to dive head first into our wedding planning adventure.

Our vision for our wedding was to make it as personal & as “uniquely us” as possible and to celebrate our international backgrounds at the same time. Richard is from Australia (yes, DIYWedding.org’s own Crocodile Dundee!) while Mette is from Denmark in Scandinavia (and our families and friends… they live in almost every part of the world!).

Our first DIY wedding challenge came when we wanted to send out a wedding invitation which would convey a personal story about us. This was very important to us as many of our friends and family members who were to receive our wedding invitation had only met one of us. Our wedding invitation would be our personal introduction and their first impression! We came up with a fantastic solution (which was still commented on long after the wedding) and it was from here all our wedding planning and DIY wedding ideas really started to take shape.

After countless DIY projects ranging from our invitation design, hand painted welcome signs, DIY menus, flower decorations etc., we decided to publish our DIY wedding experiences online. With a background of running our own web design company it was a natural path for us to create www.DIYWedding.org. With Mette being a passionate crafter and talented photographer and Richard being super creative with web design & coding our online DIY wedding adventure formed and is still growing each and every day!

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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