20 Wedding Favor Container Ideas

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DIY wedding favor wrapping ideas..all fun, unique and most importantly - all personal! DIY wedding favor wrapping ideas..all fun, unique and most importantly - all personal! Mette Morgan

Here are some suggestions on how to package and present your DIY wedding favors. You can use containers in all shapes and sizes - there are plenty of possibilities. If you use a little container for your wedding favor just remember that you don’t have to overfill it to make an impression. In the case of wedding favors the saying “less is more” really is true and the result can be stunning. A single piece of homemade chocolate (see my DIY chocolate suggestions here) or a homemade lollipop will look sensational just on its own.

Here are 20 of my suggestions on how to package or wrap your wedding favors. I hope they will inspire you:

  1. Small DIY paper candy bags. Or give your DIY favor paper bags a real twist and stitch it up on a sewing machine like shown on the picture. If you want to see how I did this simply go to the FREE Downloads page for my tutorial.
  2. Origami boxes. You can make your own or simply buy some. There are so many different designs to choose from.
  3. Sake cups. If you are into making your own pottery or you are looking for a fun “bonding experience” for you and your bridesmaids then a Pottery Course might be the way to go. Make the sake cups yourself and use them for your DIY wedding favor container or simply buy some sake cups.
  4. Paper Coffee cups (buy sleeves of cups from a coffee-cart).
  5. Small ornate soap dishes.
  6. Saucers. Perhaps collect some second hand saucers in different designs and use them to display small treats, such as Hershey’s Kisses.
  7. Small clear plastic boxes.
  8. Linen sachets.
  9. Noodle boxes. You can make your own, buy them from a paper craft store or get the real thing from a Chinese restaurant.
  10. Tiny flower pots. If you use flower pots it’s a good idea to seal them with a cellophane bag or similar.
  11. Small mason jars. When you use glass jars for your favors don’t miss out on the amazing possibility to personalize the jars with stickers, ribbons or tags. Also large mason jars are stunning as DIY wedding centerpieces if filled with flowers. You can even take this idea a step further and make your own DIY lanterns out of mason jars too. See my DIY wedding lanterns tutorial here.
  12. Cup cake wrappers. Use 2-3 per favor for heft.
  13. Mini baskets.
  14. Cellophane bags. Make an extra impact and close your favor bags by clipping on a strip of patterned paper at the top. It’s a gorgeous look!
  15. Organza sachets.
  16. Mini tin pails. Imagine a small white pail filled with salt water taffies!
  17. Small glasses. You can use shot glasses to present a gorgeous candy egg and wrap it in cellophane.
  18. Small tea light lanterns.
  19. Paper cones.
  20. Small DIY hessian bags. If you are planning on using small plants as favors then try to wrap them in small pieces of hessian tied on with a bit of string or make small bags to place the plant in.

I hope my list of 20 DIY favor container ideas and DIY favor wrapping will help you create the most amazing looking DIY wedding favors!

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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