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DIY Chocolate Ball Wedding Favors with marzipan and Baileys DIY Chocolate Ball Wedding Favors with marzipan and Baileys Mette Morgan

Here is a unique mix which was incredibly popular with our guest. The combination of marzipan and Bailey's Irish Cream is beautifully soft and delicately creamy. Simply follow the instructions below for this decadent treat.

Makes 15-25 pieces depending on the size you prefer.

7 ounces Marzipan
¼ cup Baileys Irish Cream
Dark chocolate to coat
Nesquik chocolate powder

1 Small pot
1 Bowl to melt the chocolate in
1 Fork
Flat trays
Plastic bags

How to
Thoroughly mix marzipan and Bailey’s liquor with your fingers. Add Baileys to taste but be careful not to make the mixture too wet.

Prepare a flat tray lined with a piece of plastic. A freezer bag is perfect for this purpose.

Make small balls out of the mixture, dip them in the melted dark chocolate using a fork and place them on the plastic lined tray. While the dark chocolate coat is still moist you roll the balls in Nesquik chocolate powder. When the chocolate coat is completely dry the DIY wedding favors are ready.

The shelf life of ready made chocolates is about a month

Chocolate melting tips
It’s important you are careful when you melt your chocolate. If it’s too hot the chocolate may burn and actually white chocolate may become lumpy.

For more chocolate melting please see “DIY Chocolate Favors – Gin & Orange Balls"

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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