DIY Chocolate Favors Brandy Infused

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DIY Wedding Chocolate favors - this one is brandy infused and absolutely amazing! DIY Wedding Chocolate favors - this one is brandy infused and absolutely amazing! Mette Morgan

This wonderful recipe is so easy. The brandy goes exceptionally well with the soft marzipan and chocolate and your guests will be amazed that you did it yourself. Instead of brandy you can use several types of liqueurs as well; Cointreau or Grand Marnier for example are both very suitable. If you make several kinds of chocolates you can name your "DIY Chocolate Assortment" after yourself. “Mr. & Mrs. .....’s Homemade Chocolate Assortment”

This recipe is so easy and straight forward and here is how you do it:

Makes 50 pieces depending on the size you prefer.

17 oz Marzipan
2 tablespoons brandy
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate to coat

Almonds slivers to decorate

1 Small pot
1 Bowl to melt the chocolate in
1 Fork
Flat trays
Plastic bags

Mix marzipan and brandy well with your fingers. Add Brandy to taste but be careful not to make the mixture too wet.

Prepare a flat tray lined with a piece of plastic. A freezer bag is perfect for this purpose.

Melting chocolate
Fill a small pot a 1/3 full with water. Place a larger bowl on top of it. Its best if the bowl covers the pot completely so the water underneath can’t get into the bowl. Break 3/4 of the chocolate into small pieces and place them in the bowl. Warm up the water to approximately 140°F – keep the water temperature just below simmering point. As the chocolate starts to melt stir carefully. When the chocolate is completely melted take the bowl away from the pot and add the rest of the chocolate. Stir carefully until all the chocolate is completely melted. Now the chocolate is ready to use.

Important: Don’t let your chocolate get into contact with the water or the steam from the hot water. If this happens your chocolate will become grainy, hard and won’t melt. This will make it unusable.

Chocolate melting tips
Its important you are careful when you melt your chocolate. If it’s too hot the chocolate may burn and actually white chocolate may become lumpy.

Shape approximately 50 small balls out of the marzipan mixture and dip them, one by one, in the melted chocolate and place them on the tray. Decorate with almond slivers (or other nuts if you prefer) while the chocolate coat is still wet. Leave the chocolates to dry.

DIY Chocolate tip
Use a fork as a scoop when dipping your marzipan balls in the chocolate. It’s a great idea to bend the two middle prongs on your fork backwards so you only have two prongs left on each side of the fork. Place the marzipan balls on the two prongs left and dip it in the chocolate. This way the chocolate drips off much better.

The shelf life of ready made chocolates is about a month

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