DIY Chocolate Favors Gin and Orange Balls

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Gin & Orange Marzipan Balls covered in white & dark chocolate Gin & Orange Marzipan Balls covered in white & dark chocolate Mette Morgan

Chocolates are a great choice for a decadent little treat for your guests. It’s not particularly difficult to make homemade chocolate when you get a little guidance but it does take some time. It’s a great idea to get some practice before you begin making your favors so you get an idea of time needed for the project and which flavors you prefer. Start making your DIY wedding favors a couple of weeks before your wedding day. The chocolate you make will keep well in the fridge. has put a few different recipes together that are quite easy, looks beautiful and taste delicious too! Simply follow the instructions below and adjust the intensity of the flavors to your liking as you go

Gin & Orange Marzipan Balls covered in white & dark chocolate
This combination is absolutely gorgeous. Not everybody likes the taste of Gin but the Gin-infused marzipan mixed with the orange juice and grated peel is absolutely delicious. Try it out and adjust the intensity of the gin to your liking.

Makes 15-25 pieces depending on the size you prefer.

7 oz Marzipan
1 tablespoon Gin
Juice from ¼ Orange
Grated orange peel to taste
White chocolate
Dark chocolate

1 Small pot
1 Bowl to melt the chocolate in
1 Fork
Flat trays
Plastic bags

How to
Mix the marzipan with gin and orange juice (don’t make the mixture too wet).
Roll small balls out of the mixture and place them in the fridge for 1 hour or til the marzipan ball have cooled off.

Prepare a flat tray lined with a piece of plastic. A freezer bag is perfect for this purpose. Dip your marzipan balls one at the time in the melted white chocolate. Each ball needs to be dipped twice allowing drying in between each dip.

Great DIY tip
When you dip your marzipan in the chocolate you simply drop in one ball at the time and scoop it up again using a fork. A good trick is to bend the two middle prongs on your fork backwards so the chocolate drips off easier.

How to decorate
The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating the chocolate. Perhaps decorate the chocolate coated marzipan balls with small pieces of orange peel. The chocolate coat has to be wet when you do this so the orange peel sticks properly.
Or decorate with dark chocolate as shown on the picture. The white chocolate has to be dry when you do this. When I decorated the chocolates on the photo I made up a small cone out of baking paper, filled it with melted dark chocolate, cut the tip off and squeezed out the chocolate in thin lines and waited for it to dry.

Chocolate melting tips
Its important you are careful when you melt your chocolate. If it’s too hot the chocolate may burn and in fact white chocolate may become lumpy.

Melt over water
Fill a small pot a 1/3 full with water. Place a larger bowl on top of it. Its best if the bowl covers the pot completely so the water underneath can’t get into the bowl. Break 3/4 of your chocolate into small pieces and place them in the bowl. Warm up your water to approximately 140°F. Keep the water temperature just below simmering point. As the chocolate starts to melt stir carefully. When the chocolate is completely melted take the bowl away from the pot and add the rest of the chocolate. Stir carefully until all the chocolate is completely melted. Now the chocolate is ready to use.

Important; Don’t let the chocolate get into contact with the water or the steam from the hot water. If this happens the chocolate will become grainy, hard and won’t melt. This will make it unusable.

Melt in microwave
This method is somewhat easier but it is harder to control the heat. Place your chocolate in a microwave proof bowl. Melt your chocolate at about 700W for ½ to 1 minute depending on how much chocolate you are melting at a time. Stir ever so often to make sure you are not overheating your chocolate.

More chocolate melting tips
The best result is achieved by working with a minimum of 17 oz melted chocolate. Then you have a good deal to dip in and it won’t cool off so fast while you work. If you have any chocolate left over, you can let it cool down and store it in an airtight container for the next time. The shelf life is approximately one year.

When coating marzipan or cakes with chocolate the chocolate will harden well at 59-68°F. Perhaps place your chocolates/cakes next to an open window, giving it a slight breeze which will harden the chocolate quickly.

The shelf life of ready made chocolates is about a month so you can begin this project weeks before your wedding day.

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