DIY Wedding Favors - The Do's & Don'ts

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DIY wedding favors - do's and dont's DIY wedding favors - do's and dont's Mette Morgan

There are many ways to go about your DIY wedding favors. Many brides feel a bit confused about the “Do’s & Don’ts” of wedding favors and the questions are plenty. What should the favor be? Should it be DIY? When to give the favors? Where to place them? How to present them – wrapped up individually or set them out on a “buffet-style” table? and so on..

My advice is to pick what ever wedding favor goes with your wedding theme and remember that wedding favors are “presents of appreciation” from you & your husband to your guests. I believe couples should simply do & give what truly feels right to them – also if that’s not giving a wedding favor at all. Don’t feel obliged to give wedding favors to your guests – after all you and your partner are throwing an amazing party not to mention a lovely dinner, drinks and beautiful lovely day. That’s also a way of showing sincere appreciation. Don’t force it but only give wedding favors if it’s truly meaningful to you and you partner.

If you already have the perfect wedding favor in mind there are a few practical tips that might help you in the right direction when it comes to displaying and wrapping them. As a general rule wedding favors which the guest are meant to take with them home are normally wrapped up and placed at the guest’s seating at the table. Wedding favors which are meant to be eaten at the reception won’t need much wrapping at all and can go on the tables or the buffet almost as is. There are a few exceptions and variations to consider though.

If you are planning to give a big (and bulky) wedding favor like a bag of coffee or a bottle of wine for your guest to take with them home then you probably need to consider setting up a separate table (“buffet style”) as your wedding favors will take up too much space at the dinner table.

Also, if your wedding favor might be something less appropriate for the wedding table like a or a terracotta pot with fresh herbs or hessian wrapped seedlings then consider going with the separate table option to avoid strong smells and soil on the table cloth etc. Basil, thyme & rosemary smells gorgeous (they are my absolute favourites!) but if you have 8-10 pots per table it may be quite overwhelming for your guests and again you will find it difficult to fit everything in on the table.

If you decide on a separate “buffet-style” table to present homemade edible wedding favors (perhaps homemade “late night treats”) then make sure that there are utensils to pick up the treats with or at least small bags or boxes or small napkins so the guests can pick up the treats on the go.

A smart variation many couples choose is to turn their wedding favors into escort cards at the same time. This is a perfect option if your wedding favors are smallish as the guests will take their escort cards with them to the table. If your favor is presented in small open container simply pop in your escort cards with names and table numbers on or attach the escort cards to the wedding favors with i.e. a bit of ribbon or similar. A perfect DIY wedding “two-in-one” solution!

Being a DIY bride myself and knowing how much “stuff” we all have in our lives I am sure that the all-embracing wedding favor is something homemade & personal - edible or not - or simply functional & useful. The trick is to make it enjoyable for everyone and decide on what is truly meaningful to and your partner!

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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