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DIY Floral Boutonniere DIY Floral Boutonniere Mette Morgan

Boutonnieres are visible all day and a real feature on all wedding photographs. You can make you own using materials which match your theme. I have come up with a design using shaped bark, recycled paper, fresh ferns and flowers – perfect for a garden wedding. The technique featured can be applied when creating boutonnieres using any design, materials, themes and colours.

DIY Boutonniere Step by Step GuideStep 1
Pick a leaf you like the shape of and use it to make a template for your boutonniere design. Place the leaf on a piece of cardboard, trace around it with a pen and cut out the shape with a pair of scissors. You can also place the leaf directly on a piece of thin bark, trace around it and carefully cut out your shape. Now you have a leaf-shaped piece of bark.

Step 2
Using the same leaf template you cut out a new leaf shape from a piece of paper or fabric and glue it onto the back of your leaf-shaped piece of bark so it gets a pretty and smooth backing. Now the base of your boutonniere is ready.

Step 3
To make your boutonniere you can choose to use some small green leaves to make up the tiny bouquet which will sit on top of the bark. Small fern leaves, eucalyptus leaves, small succulents, rosemary, thyme or similar works really well. You can also add a few fresh or dried flowers or even feathers or similar to finish off your small bouquet. Small ornate flowers like “Baby’s Breath” are gorgeous on boutonnieres and keep fresh for long. The possibilities are plentiful but choose flowers which suit the climate and season as the flowers will keep for longer.

Step 4
Finally cover the bottom (the tweaks) with floral tape, ribbon or twine and make sure you secure the ends with a bit of glue or floral tape. The boutonniere is attached to the grooms jacket with a pin or safety pin. If you have chosen fresh flowers for your design you need to make sure the boutonnieres are made the day of the wedding or earliest the day before. Keep the boutonnieres in the fridge until needed.

Remember to make a boutonniere for the groom, the groomsmen, for the father of the bride and for the father of the groom.

Enjoy your DIY project.

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