DIY Heart Shaped Flower Wreath

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DIY Wedding Heart Shaped Flower Wreath DIY Wedding Heart Shaped Flower Wreath Mette Morgan


This flower wreath is made using the same procedure as in article “DIY Flower Wreath” but instead of making a circle, I shaped my wire as a heart and used different material.

By using the dark elderberries together with white flowers I gave my wreath a wonderful strong and interesting contrast.

DIY flower decorations
If you have decided to create your own DIY flower decorations for your wedding there are a few things you need to consider.

Firstly you need to decide which main colour you would like to use. Let’s say you would like a blue wedding and therefore you would like the main color of your flower decorations to be blue too. Find some nuances of the blue color and then add a complementary color. There are a few fantastic and easy guidelines to follow when mixing colors and without getting too technical I have listed the color combinations that florists use below. The combinations below add contrast and life to any floral arrangement and any choice of color. The perfect complimentary color for blue is a splash of yellow and the result is an amazing contrast and an interesting decoration.

Perfect color combinations:

Main color: Complimentary color:
Pink Yellow
Blue Yellow
Light Blue Yellow
Red Lime green
Orange Purple
White Black

Preparation is the key
Making your own flower decorations and learning how to do them comes with a little bit of practice but it is easy. I compare that of making flower decorations for the first time to preparing and arranging a special dinner for the first time. Not many people would buy the special ingredients on the day of the dinner party, follow a recipe and hope for the best. Like most people, I would try out my new dinner recipe a couple of weeks before the party, adjust ingredients if needed, get my timing right and of course taste the result. It’s exactly the same with flower decorations. Its not difficult at all, but its smart to experiment with the flowers and the colors so you get the flower decoration you dreamed of.

DIY flower tip:
If you decide to use small berries like elderberries it’s a good idea to lay the berries on top of a big leaf for support. Strawberry leaves, as an example are great for this purpose as they are quite large and also have a decorative jagged edge.

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Mette Morgan

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