DIY Wedding Flower Wreath

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DIY Wedding Flower Wreath DIY Wedding Flower Wreath Mette Morgan


To make a Flower Wreath all you need are:

  • Thick, steel wire (approx. 1/16 of an inch)
  • Thin, basic floral wire, thin (approx. 0,020 inch)
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Green filler consisting of berries and/or any green foliage
  • Garden scissors

Image 1.
Firstly, you will need to prepare your flowers and the green fillers so you get small bouquets ready to put on your wire. The filler can consist of small bunches of berries, greenery from your garden or whatever else you have decided to make your wreath of. Remember you will probably need more flowers and filler than what you think.

Image 2.
Bend your thick (1/16 of an inch) steel wire into a circle of approximately 10 inches in diameter. Make two loops so your get a double circle. My wire was thicker than 1/16 of an inch so I only made a single loop. Start tying the small bunches of flowers and filler tightly onto the circle using thin floral wire and work your way around the wire circle. The flowers must be packed snugly.

Image 3.
Make sure all the flowers point in the same direction and that they sit evenly and well balanced on the wire loop.

Image 4.
Work all the way around the wire loop.

Image 5.
Arrange your flowers and green fillers tightly and evenly.

Image 6.
Finish off your flower wreath by wrapping the thin wire tightly around the final bunch of flowers a couple of times and cut off the excess wire.

Before you start your floral project it’s a good idea to lay out a large piece of plastic on the table you are working on. It makes it so easy to clean up afterwards.

Bridal Fingers:
Use thin latex gloves if you have sensitive skin or it’s just before your wedding as green fingertips or nails aren't very pretty on a bride!

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