35 DIY wedding escort card ideas

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Get inspiration for your own DIY wedding escort cards! Get inspiration for your own DIY wedding escort cards! Mette Morgan

What are Wedding Escort Cards actually?
Escort cards inform your guests of their assigned table. Each card displays a guests’ name and a table number or the name of the table. The most common way to address escort cards is as follows - but you can do it your own DIY way of course:

Chloe Scali - the full name of a single guest
Table number 2

Mr. and Mrs. Singleton - a married couple
Table number 2

Maria Wood and Guest - if an invitee brings a guest whose name you don’t know
Table number 2

There are a myriad of ways to arrange and display wedding escort cards. The most common way is to present the cards as “tent cards” placed on a table. Or even make up one large "seating chart" which is displayed in a large frame. Or as small cards hanging from wedding escort card trees. The possibilities are truly endless.


Here is my list of 35 different ways you can display, present and make your DIY wedding escort cards:

  1. Display your escort cards as "tent cards" on a table.
  2. Frame a big seating chart in a large frame or display smaller charts in smaller frames. One seating chart - per table - per frame.
  3. Hang your escort cards from branches on an escort card tree
  4. Hang the cards on lines of ribbon. Hold the cards in place with small pegs – a little like you would with laundry.
  5. Avoid printing and simply write your guests names and assigned tables on a large piece of glass (i.e. a big frame). Write with a marker pen made for glass.
  6. Make stickers with names and table number on and stick onto a small electrical candle. Each guest will pick up a candle and take it to the table. A smart way to add to the table décor.
  7. Attach small escort cards tags to a flower - One for each guest. It’s an escort card but also a lovely gesture to your guest.
  8. Attach your cards to a favor such as a bottle of lemonade, small bottle of champagne or similar.
  9. Write names and table numbers on large hurricane glasses with big candles in. The hurricane glasses will look beautiful as wedding reception décor.
  10. Write names and table numbers on heart shaped seed packets decorated the packets with organza ribbon. This is another way to combine a wedding favor and a DIY wedding escort card.
  11. Paint small flower pots and write names and table numbers on them. Make one for each guest so it becomes a present for the guest and also adds to the wedding table décor.
  12. Write names and numbers on smooth stones i.e. with a golden or silver pen.
  13. Make a small boutonniere for each guest. Leave a little piece of excess ribbon sticking out. Write the name and table number on each bit of excess ribbon. The guests can wear the small boutonnieres or simply bring it with them to the table.
  14. Write the escort card details on sand dollars. Perfect for a beach wedding. Display the sand dollars sitting in sand or lay them out on a table.
  15. Attached escort card tags to empty glasses with a bit of ribbon. The glasses look gorgeous and the guests can easily take them to the table. See an example here.
  16. Make up round tags with the escort card details on. Make a 1 inch cut in each tag and attached the tag to the edge of an empty glass.
  17. Place small escort cards in small envelopes and hang them on ribbons or lay them out on a table.
  18. Use small cocktail umbrellas as escort cards and place on a tray.
  19. Attached escort cards to a favor – i.e. a cellophane wrapped cupcake homemade rumball, chocolate or similar.
  20. Make tepee-style escort cards decorated with ribbon and perhaps a photo. See example here DIY tepee-style escort cards.
  21. Attached simple escort cards to pinecones for an autumn wedding theme.
  22. Escort card tags pinned onto a cork board decorated with a beautiful fabric that match your wedding theme.
  23. Attach your escort cards to a honey stirrer and line them up on a table. Charming for a summer wedding.
  24. Make up small bags (see my "DIY Wedding Favor Bags With A Twist" here - perfect for tea favors) with your favorite tea in. Attach a ribbon and an escort card to them and lay the bags out on a table.
  25. Make up simple tent cards and display them on a bed of flowers. See our article here.
  26. For a more ornate and time consuming project make up origami birds or cranes and hang them from branches.
  27. Make your escort cards from plantable seed paper shaped as flowers. For an extra charming touch add text like “Love Grows” or “Grow the Love” on the front of it.
  28. Make your escort cards out of post cards and hang them on ribbons. Fantastic for a wedding with a travel theme.
  29. Use seashells as escort cards. Write on them and display them on a table in lines or on a tray with beach sand. Brilliant for beach weddings.
  30. Make up escort card tags and attach a small flower, a sprig of thyme or rosemary to each tag. Attach each tag to string or a ribbon with a peg.
  31. Write or print the names and table numbers on a sticker. Attach the sticker to a packet or small tin with flower seeds in. Perhaps “Forget-Me-Not” seeds.
  32. Use small paddle fans as escort cards and display them on a table. This idea is really lovely for an outdoor summer wedding.
  33. Make up small tags shaped as leaf. Make two “leafs” for each escort card. Write the name(s) on one leaf and the table number on the other. With a pin attach the leafs to a apple, orange or another fruit. Use our leaf template here.
  34. For a personalized escort card take Polaroid pictures of your guests before the wedding. Use the pictures as escort cards and display them in a frame or hang them on lines.
  35. Wrap up medium sized flat chocolate bars in decorative paper and use them as escort cards by adding names and table numbers to them.

Enjoy your DIY wedding escort card project!

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