Beautiful Blue DIY Escort Cards

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Gorgeous escort cards on branches. Refreshingly bright! Gorgeous escort cards on branches. Refreshingly bright! Mette Morgan

Beautiful blue escort cards hanging from dark brown branches will look stunning at any garden wedding or beach wedding. The blue and brown colors are stunning together and are also often used for "vintage-theme-weddings".

Escort cards hanging from branches isn’t a new idea but it’s quite an easy DIY project and it looks absolutely brilliant. Your escort cards can be any shape, size or color and will add an exquisite and decorative touch to any wedding. For the escort card idea & design on the picture I simply used my computer & printer, some good quality paper, a pair of scissors and some thin, brown (“robe looking”) packaging string and a whole puncher.

If you have got pretty handwriting or know someone who is a good calligrapher, you can, instead of printing up your escort cards, buy a packet of small tags and handwrite then and hang them on your escort card tree.

TIP: Manzanita branches look amazing when used as escort card trees. You can buy them online but be cautious of the shipping fees.
If you live in Los Angeles or New York (or any other large city) you can go straight to the flower district and pick them up there. Prices vary but you can pick and choose and most importantly - avoid pricy shipping fees.
When you have found the branches you like – wether Manzanita branches or not - you can decorate the branches by spray painting them with i.e. gold silver, white or black paint for that extra touch.

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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