Charming seed packets as escort cards

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Escort cards seed packets Escort cards seed packets Mette Morgan

This idea came about because I am absolutely crazy about fresh herbs and I LOVE growing them. I love the fragrance, colors and looks of these beautiful plants and establishing a real country style “picture perfect” edible garden full of fragrant fresh herbs would be a dream for me.

Name your tables after herbs and make up these little seed packets as escort cards. If you fill up the packets with real seeds you can use the escort cards as favors too. Simply place a small sign next to the packets which says something like "Please take your escort card with you - It's yours to keep" This idea is so sweet and the packets will look gorgeous displayed in rows out on a table, hung on string, pinned up on a board or similar. If you have a garden themed wedding you can decorate your escort card display with gardening gloves, old garden tools, scare crows and much much more!

Get Your Own Seed Packets
If you would like to use this gorgeous idea for your wedding you can find an editable template in our Wedding Stores. Once you have downloaded the template simply write in the numbers or names of your tables and the name of each of your guests. You can edit the text size and style to fit your theme. Instead of using names of herbs you can use flowers or simply write in table numbers. The possibilities are plenty!   
Click here to see the Editable Seed Packet Template (I am setting this template up right now:)

If you like this idea take a look at the (non-editable) FREE template for “Herb Seed Packet Table Names” too. There are 14 different herb packets names to choose from in the collection.
Click here to see the Free Download

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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