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DIY Rustic Flower box DIY Rustic Flower box Mette Morgan

Escort cards can be presented in endless ways. You can hang them from beautiful branches or lines of string, frame them or simply arrange them in rows on a table – or on a “bed of flowers”.

For this escort card presentation I chose to arrange the escort cards on a “bed of flowers” in an old box which I beautified with a bit of paint. The aim with this DIY project was to create a romantic, rustic look in a day or two.

Here is how I did it:

Image 1:
I found an old wooden box in my dad's shed which I cleaned a little bit and sanded down with sandpaper.

Image 2:
I then painted the box dark brown and left it to dry. If you haven’t got any brown paint at home you can buy a small sample of interior paint from the paint store for about $5.

Image 3:
Once the brown paint had dried completely I then applied a white coat, left it to dry, then painted on a second white coat.

Image 4:
I left my painted box to dry overnight (the paint manufacturer will have drying times labelled on the can).

Image 5:
When the paint was 100% dry I created a rustic antique and romantic look with a piece of sandpaper (not too coarse). To achieve this I lightly sanded only strategic areas of the box, mostly along the sides, edges and corners. In this way by rubbing the sandpaper deliberately I removed the white paint layer to reveal the brown paint underneath. This technique resulted in a wonderfully old and rustic look which is exactly what I wanted to achieve and finalized the “beauty treatment” for my DIY FLower Display Box.

Image 6:

The box was then ready to be filled with a “bed of flowers” for the escort cards display which I did by lining the box with a thick, strong plastic bag. I then covered the entire bottom of the box with oasis (floral foam) which had been soaked in water and then cut to fit. Make sure to pour a couple pints of water over the oasis before placing your flowers so they receive enough moisture.

Then one-by-one I started cutting my flower stalks so they where as long as my box was high. I could then create my “bed of flowers” by placing/sticking my flowers one at a time into the oasis. When you do this remember that the flower heads need to reach the edge of box once they are in place so you can see them in the display.

When the box was full of beautiful flowers I could place my escort cards on top.

It’s was really easy!

DIY TIP: on choice of flowers
Hydrangeas are perfect for this DIY project because they are big (you won’t need as many) and because the clusters of small flowers sit so closely together. If you would like to use a range of flowers i.e. hydrangeas, roses, peonies, chrysanthemums etc. it’s a god idea to first place your hydrangeas and then stick the smaller flowers down through the large hydrangea flower clusters. Use enough flowers so you can achieve a bed of flowers that is tight and close enough to carry your escort cards.

DIY TIP: when using oasis (floral foam)
When soaking your oasis in water just drop the oasis it into a bucket of water and leave the oasis there until it’s completely submerged. Don’t try to speed up the process by forcing the oasis under the water. If you do that you may create air bubbles inside the oasis which is no good for your flowers. Also wet oasis can be a bit messy to deal with so it’s actually a good idea to cut the oasis (use a big knife) on a newspaper and wear an apron while working with it.

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