Pin-up your DIY escort cards - It's easy!

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Escort card display Escort card display Mette Morgan

Here is another great way to display your escort cards. It’s simple, elegant and inexpensive.

Here is what I used
1 old cork board (approx. 22x36")
1 piece of charcoal colored fabric large enough to cover the board
100 pins
100 escort cards (I made my own cards but they don’t have to be DIY escort cards)

Here is how I did it
I found an old cork board at my house which I covered with a bit of fabric. I chose to buy a piece of charcoal colored cotton fabric which matched the wedding colors but also created a fantastic contrast to my escort card designs.

Tips on creating your escort card display board
When creating your escort card display you can make your own escort cards or simply pin-up the ones you bought. If your escort cards are light in colors, like mine are, you will get a great effect if your use a dark background (dark fabric) for your cards but if your escort cards are made in a dark design then perhaps consider a light colored background.

Successfully creating a theme
There are unlimited possibilities when choosing the fabric background for your board and great opportunities to create or incorporate your wedding theme. If, for example, you want to create a country style “look and feel” at your wedding you could perhaps choose to use burlap to cover your board and then continue to use the same material for table runners, bunting flags and so on. It can be really easy to successfully create and incorporate a theme at your wedding.

For outdoor (windy) weddings
If you are arranging an outdoor wedding and are worried that it may be windy on the day, you can do a couple of things to securely fasten your escort cards. One solution is to run strips of ribbon across the board which you then tuck your cards under. Another solution is to place your cards on the board and then proceed to cover the entire board with a large piece of see-through cellophane to hold down the cards. With the cellophane in place you can then fasten the cards with pins like shown on the image.

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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