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Rusitc DIY wedding sign Rusitc DIY wedding sign

Here is an idea for two lovely signs I made for a wedding. One sign said "Wedding" and another sign said "Welcome". You can also make a gorgeous "Just Married" sign this way. It is really easy to do and can all be done in one sunny afternoon.

Homemade and hand painted signs like these are sure to add a great deal of character to any wedding day and if you are lucky you already have everything you need! It didn't cost anything extra for me to make the signs and they made a great impression on the couple and the guests.

This is what you need:
1) A few hours
2) A piece of timber (old, recycled timber is brilliant for this project - it has so much more character than new timber) 
3) Leftover paint (not even half a cup from last time you painted the kitchen will do)
4) A small paint brush
5) Maybe a computer to print out the text you want on your sign

This is how you do it:
Choose the text you want e.g. "Welcome" and write it on a piece of paper in the size you would like on your sign. Or do like me, find a font on your computer which you would like the text to be written in. Type the text (in the chosen font) in a Word Document and print it out.

With a pair of scissors cut out (cut away) the "Welcome-part" so you get a paper with a "hole" that says "Welcome".
Place your paper on top of your timber (attach it with sticky tape so it doesn't move) and draw a pencil line along the edges of the "Welcome-hole". When you remove the paper you you should be able to see the word "Welcome" on the timber which is now ready be to filled in with paint.

Use a small paint brush (maybe a "flat" one) to paint the text with. It is much easier to use a small paint brush than a big one - unless your sign is really big of course.

When the paint is dry you can cut your piece of timber to the size you need (if you haven't done that already), attach it to a pole with two screws or hang it with robe or tiny chains from an archway or similar. It is really quite easy and doesn't require any special equipment.

The best thing about these signs is that they can be prepared a long time before the wedding. There is always so much to do the final days before the Big Day and you really appreciate all the things you were able to prepare months in advance.

Enjoy your DIY wedding project.

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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