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DIY light made out of glass jars covered with baking paper DIY light made out of glass jars covered with baking paper Mette Morgan

It’s so easy to make these lights. They can be as big or small as you want and you can use them as decoration at the wedding ceremony, at the wedding reception, at the tables as your DIY wedding center pieces or outside the wedding venue. The lights on the picture are made out of three things; recycled glass jars, baking paper and a tea light - plus a thin strip of patterned paper as decoration. The transparent baking paper gives the lights an almost “frosted glass look" which is what makes the lights particularly elegant and decorative.

Here is how I did it:
I cut two strips of baking paper as wide as my jars where tall (In this case about 4 inches).
I wrapped each strip around each jar and secured the ends with a little bit of scotch at the very bottom of the jar. The scotch has to stick to the paper but also the bottom of the glass jar so the paper doesn’t slide off when the jar is lifted. 

If you use recycled glass jars you need to make sure that the jars can handle the heat from the tea lights or the candles you are using. Simply test them before the wedding.

TIP: It can be a good idea to put a little bit of sand in each jar so the candles don’t slide so easily inside. The layer of sand will also help prevent some of the heat from the candles to reach the surface the lights are placed on. Smaller candles in particular generate heat at the bottom of the candleholders. 

Enjoy your DIY wedding project.

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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