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Make your out of town guests feel welcome. Leave some chocolate, wine or homemade goodies in their room! Make your out of town guests feel welcome. Leave some chocolate, wine or homemade goodies in their room! Mette Morgan

When guests fly in from abroad or out of state they go to a lot of effort and expense to celebrate your Big Day. Make these guests feel welcome and special by making their stay as easy and memorable as possible.

Here are a few ideas on how to do that.

Good practical information!

Although it is not expected that you and your fiancé pay for your guests accommodation there are a lot of things you can do to help you guests to be more comfortable while they are in town. It can be a really good idea to send out a wedding itinerary to your guests which tells them exactly what the schedule is for the wedding day and for the rest of the wedding weekend. It’s always nice for your guests to know if there is a brunch or something similar on the day after the wedding. It’s good to send all this information to your guests after they have received the invitations and perhaps even when you know who will be attending your wedding.

You can pop the itinerary in the mail or post all the information on your wedding website if you have one or both. If you use a website only just make sure that all your guests fell comfortable using the internet and jumping online. Remember to include all key times, dress codes, free time etc. This will make the whole experience much easier and more enjoyable for both you and your guests.

At our wedding guests flew in from many parts of the world and knew nothing about the country they were visiting. We made sure that there was someone at the airport to pick everybody up and take them to the town of stay. We also gave them information about how to get around and how to go to the city in their free time. The guests from abroad really appreciated the information and in particular to have someone at the airport to meet them.

Assistance in finding a place to stay is a big help for your guests. Recommend different accommodation types and provide information about the possibilities, costs and contact information for each place. If you live in a smaller town and haven’t got so many accommodation places to choose between you need to start making inquiries early on behalf of your guests. It is also be a good idea to make group reservations to achieve discounts. We got a 20% discount on the rooms when we inquired on behalf of our guests. It worked really well and the guests were very happy to save a bit on the accommodation cost.

Getting to the wedding and around
Information about how to get around is always appreciated by wedding guests. Make sure to provide information about car rental in the area if your guests prefer to drive themselves. Almost none of our guests chose car rental as they weren’t familiar with the driving practises in the country we got married in. In such a situation it’s important that you find arrange transport for them to and from the wedding. We arranged taxis for everyone but you can try to arrange hotel shuttle busses or arm yourself with volunteers – perhaps relatives – who don’t mind to make a couple of extra trips.

That extra little thing
Spoil your travelling guests by leaving them a little treat in their rooms. This could be a bottle of champagne or red wine, a small box chocolate, flowers or something else depending on your budget. We left our guests a little homemade DIY information booklet about the wedding traditions in the country they were visiting, a small bouquet of flowers and some local chocolate. That little gesture was greatly appreciated by all the guests and was one of the last things they mentioned when they travelled back home after the wedding.


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