Paper Cones With Rose Petals

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Homemade paper cones for throwing rose petals Homemade paper cones for throwing rose petals

Here is another little wedding detail that can be prepared well ahead of the wedding. Gorgeous paper cones for e.g. rose petals which the guests will throw over you after the ceremony. I made these paper cones over a few evenings.

This actually gave me a little bit of time to sit and relax with a cup of tea as well.

You need:

A template shape to draw and cut after (you can download mine at the bottom of this page).

A pair of scissors & some paper glue.

A pencil.

A couple of sheets of e.g. good quality wrapping paper to use as "lining" like I did (it takes time to line the cones - you can leave this out).

A basket or something similar to sit your cones in at the wedding (I found a couple of old baskets in the basement which I decorated with wide organza ribbon).

Note the small pink dot at the end of the thin grey line.

The dot indicates the spot from which the tip of your cone should begin.


How to:

01_sm_pUse the template provided below (download the PDF file and print out the shape on a thick piece of paper).

02_sm_pDraw with a pencil around your shape on the carboard/thick paper you would like to make your cones out of.

03_sm_pCut out all your shapes with a pair of scissors.

04_sm_pForm a cone out of each of your carboard shapes til it has the size (the opening) you prefer.

05_sm_pGlue the edge so your cone stays in shape.

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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