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Written by Mette Morgan  | Published in DIY Wedding Details We Love
Glue flower petals onto the wrapping paper Glue flower petals onto the wrapping paper Mette Morgan

A romantic way to adorn your DIY favors is by gluing flower petals onto the wrapping paper. This is how I did it:

1. With a pair of scissors cut a heart shape out of cardboard. You can cut out a circle, a square, a star of what ever shape you think suits your wedding theme best.

2.  Situate your cardboard template on your gift and trace around it with a pencil so you know where to place your flower petals. 

3. Now you can start gluing on your petals following the pencil lines. I used petals from hydrangeas due to their size, colors and shapes. You can use what ever petals you like.

TIP: Instead of fresh flower petals you can use dried flowers like i.e. lavender. You can also use buttons, small pearls, glitter or something completely different.

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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