DIY Wedding Cupcake Toppers - With Text

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Fun and festive DIY wedding cupcake toppers with text! Fun and festive DIY wedding cupcake toppers with text! Mette Morgan


DIY wedding cupcake toppers with 4 different kinds of text on. The toppers will look beautiful and fun on your wedding reception buffet!

Download these 4 different kinds of fun & decorative “cupcake toppers” with the text; Nuts about Love, Love is Sweet, Bride's Favorite & Groom's Favorite and dress up your wedding cupcakes, wedding reception food and buffet for your Big Day!

The template makes 24 toppers per 1 sheet of A4 paper. All you need is a paper cutter (or a pair of scissors), some glue and some cocktail sticks to create your own toppers.

Simply print out the template onto a white piece of A4 paper. For an extra smooth and

professional printing result I used a couple of sheets of photo paper with a MAT finish for my toppers (when using photo paper the colors come out really well). Cut out the 24 strips. Fold each strip in half and glue it onto a cocktail stick.

It’s so amazingly easy, it looks stunning and your guests will love it!

For an extra festive and colorful touch mix the toppers with text with some of the colored cupcake toppers from our FREE downloads page. It will look amazing!

Enjoy your DIY project!

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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