DIY Wedding Heart Save The Date Card

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Gorgeous and Memorable DIY wedding Save The Date Card! Gorgeous and Memorable DIY wedding Save The Date Card! Mette Morgan

Here is a really unique and gorgeous DIY heart shaped Save The Date card made out of two different pieces of cardboard.

In this case one side of the heart tells the date of the wedding and the other side tells a personal story about how the couple met. The lucky people who receive this Save The Date card can decide themselves whether or not they will undo the heart to read the story.

Another possibility with this design is to make one half out of a photograph (of the engaged couple) and one half out of cardboard with the date on.  I think this is a really lovely, personal and romantic way to DIY a gorgeous and unique Save The Date card and even though it is a funny shape it will fit beautifully into a square envelope (just keep in mind that it may cost extra to post a square envelope) .

What you need to do:
Either print out the PDF below onto a piece of cardboard, cut out one of the four


Gorgeous & memorable DIY wedding save the date cards!half heart shapes with a pair of scissors and use the shape to trace after with a pencil. Do this by placing your shape on top of a photo or pre-printed cardboard, trace around it with a pencil and cut out the shape. Remember to also draw the three slits (the three thin lines in the middle of each shape) so your shape gets four strips hanging off it. You are now ready to make your hearts.

Another way is to print out the PDF onto a piece of paper which you have prepared with text and/or photo already. Now simply cut out your shapes and you are ready to make your hearts.

This is how you make your hearts:

Image 1: As mentioned, above prepare your shapes (“half hearts”) with text or photo.

Image 2: Hold one “half heart” in each hand and begin by weaving the strips from your right-hand “half” in with the strips from your left-hand “half”.  When you have finished weaving the first line of strips your “heart” should look like image 2.

Image 3: Continue by weaving the second trip from your right-hand “half” in with the left-hand “half’. It can seem a little bit tricky to do this at first but when you get a little but of practise it’s really quite easy. Check that both front and back of your hearts look the same.

Image 4: Continue weaving your heart still checking the back.

Image 5: Complete your heart by weaving the last strips from each heart in together.

Image 6: Your heart is done and ready to send off.

Enjoy your DIY wedding project!

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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