DIY Wedding Paper Flowers

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Easy-to-use DIY wedding paper flower template Easy-to-use DIY wedding paper flower template Mette Morgan

I absolutely love decorating with flowers so here is a fabulous & easy-to-use DIY wedding paper flower template. You can create your own DIY paper flowers using a mix of transparent paper, colored paper and patterned paper and the result will be beautiful! For the flowers on the photo I used a mix of paper, paper textures and patterned translucent vellum paper.

Simply print out the template below onto your chosen paper and cut out the flower shapes with a pair of scissors. For the best result print out the template on different kinds of paper so you can mix the colors & patterns when you create your flowers. When you have cut out your flower shapes in different sizes simply place the smaller flower shapes on top of the larger flower shapes so your flowers get several layers.To hold your layers together simply thread a little bit of floral wire up through the middle of you paper flower.  

For the finishing touch, use the floral wire to decorate the middle of your paper flowers with beads or something else. I decorated the middle of my paper flowers with unwound twine, buttons and beads which really completed the look.

Enjoy your DIY project!

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Mette Morgan

Mette Morgan

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