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Template for DIY Wedding Wishing Tree Tags Template for DIY Wedding Wishing Tree Tags Mette Morgan

The Wishing Tree Idea came from Holland and is now fairly common at weddings all over the world. It’s a great way to compliment the traditional guest book or to use instead of a guest book.

The idea is all the wedding guests write down their best wishes for the newly wed couple on the back of a Wishing Tree Tag. The tags are hung from a Wishing Tree which is made up by branches in a vase. If there are many guests at a wedding it’s a good idea to have several Wishing Trees so each Tree is not too crowded with tags. As an added bonus Wishing Trees make beautiful wedding décor!

Here is how to use the DIY Wedding Wishing Tree Tag Template:

Tutorial on how to use the Free Wishing Tree tag Template
First print out the template below on to a white piece of paper or unto a patterned piece of paper like we did with the tags on the photo to the left.

Image 1:
Cut out each tag with a pair of scissors. Also print out the template for the smaller “A wish to the Bride & Groom” text tags. Get the “text tag” template here.

Image 2:
Glue the “text tag” directly onto the larger wishing tree tag or add an extra paper layer in between the two tags for added color & contrast. I chose to make an extra layer in a dark blue color and simply cut out rectangles that were slightly bigger that the “text tag”. You don’t have to do this but it looks really nice.

Image 3:
Now your tags are more or less ready but you still need to make holes in the tags and add ribbon.

Image 4:
At the “top” of each tag you will see a small circle. This circle indicates where to make the hole. The easiest is to use a hand hole punch for this but I did it with a normal whole puncher.

Image 5:
Cut a piece of string or ribbon and thread it through the hole you made in the tag. To get a neat finish tread the ribbon through the hole from “the back” of the tags. Make a small loop and pull the excess ribbon through the hole and tighten up the loop.
Image 6:
Now simply tie the ends of the ribbon together in a small knot so the tags can hang from the wedding wishing tree.

Enjoy your DIY project!

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