Herb Seed Packet Collection

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 DIY seed packets for wedding favors DIY seed packets for wedding favors Mette Morgan


So here it is - my beautiful Herb Seed Packet Collection!
Name your tables after herbs and display the names on these charming DIY seed packets! This idea is so sweet and the packets will look gorgeous on the tables for weddings with garden themes. If you are planing a Spring, Summer or Fall wedding and have a love for home-grown produce then perhaps this idea is perfect for you! This collection includes 14 different herb seed packets you can place in or around your table centerpieces to display the table names.

This idea came about because I am absolutely crazy about fresh herbs and I LOVE growing them. I love the fragrance, colors and looks of these beautiful plants and establishing a real country style “picture perfect” edible garden full of fragrant fresh herbs would be a dream for me.

Beautiful Herb Seed Packet Collection
Image of the Herb Seed Packet Collection - Designed by DIYwedding.org

There are 7 different downloads in this collection. Each download contains two different herb packets i.e. "Basil & Chives", Thyme & Parsley" etc. Each dowload is designed to be printed on a standard 11x8.5" (A4) piece of paper/cardstock. To print all 14 designs you will need 7 pieces of paper.

For instructions on how to use these templates please read my article "Sweet DIY Seed Packets" under "Wedding Table Numbers" to see how you do it and also how you can easily make simple holders for the packets. Go to the bottom of this page to download the free templates.

A question I get often

"So can I edit the text or add more text to this Free Download?"

You can't edit the text in any of the templates in the Free Downloads section. If you would like to edit the text you need to download the editable version in the Wedding Store. See the editable version here "Editable Seed Packets Template". (It's coming...I am working fast on it:o)

Download the editable version from our Wedding Stores

Enjoy your DIY project!

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Mette Morgan

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