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How to make your own Mr. and Mrs. burlap chair banners How to make your own Mr. and Mrs. burlap chair banners Mette Morgan

Easy tutorial on how to make your own gorgeous "Mr. and Mrs. chair banners" using burlap, a bit of paint and some twine!

It’s so simple to make your own "Mr and Mrs" banners. You can use them for your wedding photo shoot and hang them on your chairs at the reception. It’s just one of those small details which adds to the festive atmosphere.  

There are numerous ways to make your own banners. The banners below were hand stencilled in white acrylic paint and sewn at the top to make a narrow seam for the twine. You can make your own "Mr and Mrs" banner using any kind of fabric (in any size) you like and paint them in any color you like. You can also add laces or other decorative details and use whatever string, twine or ribbon fits your wedding theme best. So here is how you do it! 

For the banners below I used the following materials and tools:

2 pieces of burlap (6.5" wide x 7.5” long)
Two prints on cardstock (1 print of “Mr.” and 1 print of “Mrs.” for the stencils)
A hobby knife (to cut out my stencils)
White artist acrylic paint
A small brush (you can use a small sponge)
A steel ruler

How to make the stencil:
To make my stencils I simply printed “Mr.” and “Mrs.”, each on their own piece of cardstock on cut them out using a hobby knife. When using cardstock for stencils you will only be able to use these stencils a couple of times. If you need your stencil more than a couple of times you should buy "stencil card" in a craft shop. Stencil card has an opaque, glossy surface and can withstand repeated applications of paint.

Mrs and mrs burlap chair banners tutorial

Using your hobby knife, carefully cut along the printed lines with smooth long movements. It is easiest to achieve a smooth cut edge if you work towards yourself when cutting. Use a steel ruler to cut against when cutting perfectly straight lines – it makes it so much easier. Hobby (or craft) knives are very sharp so be careful and make sure you have a protective cutting mat, an old piece of wood board or similar underneath your cardstock or stencil card before you start cutting.

Applying the paint:
When applying the paint for my “Mr and Mrs” banners I used a small brush but there are a number of ways of applying paint through a stencil. You can use a brush, a sponge, a bit of fabric or whatever else you fancy.

Holding the stencil in place on your fabric pour a little bit of paint - less than half a teaspoon - onto an old plate, a piece of plastic or similar. I lined my stencil up against the bottom part of my fabric as I wanted to leave some extra space at the top for sewing on some twine at the end.

Dip the tip of your brush (or sponge) in the paint and carefully dab paint onto the cut-out areas of your stencil. Be careful not to have too much paint on your brush when you apply the paint. For an extra rustic look and feel add some more paint in some areas than others.

If you would like to see a more detailed tutorial on how to make your own stencils and how to apply the paint click here to read our article "Burlap Wedding Table Numbers".  

Stenciling Mr and Mrs Burlap Chair Banners or photo shoot banners

To attach the twine at the top I simply folded 1” of burlap to the back of the banner, placed a long piece of twine underneath it and sewed across the top.

Mrs and mrs burlap DIY wedding banners - sew simple seam

Mrs and mrs burlap DIY wedding banners - close up

For an extra decorative touch I simply tied a strip of muslin (2.5” wide and 15” long) onto the twine on each side of the banners.

And the result; A bit of super sweet "Country Style" wedding décor!

Enjoy your DIY project!

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