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Using seed packets as table numbers Using seed packets as table numbers Mette Morgan

Name your tables after herbs and display the names on these charming DIY seed packets! This idea is so sweet and the packets will look gorgeous on the tables for weddings with garden themes. 

Wedding table numbers for Spring, Summer and Fall garden themed weddings

If you are planing a Spring, Summer or Fall wedding and have a love for home-grown produce then perhaps this idea is perfect for you; Using seed packets as table numbers/names. I have designed a collection of 14 herb seed packets you can place in or around your table centerpieces and use as  table names (see below).

DIY Herb Seed Packet Collection
Designed by DIYwedding.org

This idea came about because I am absolutely crazy about fresh herbs and I LOVE growing them. I love the fragrance, colors and looks of these beautiful plants and establishing a real country style “picture perfect” edible garden full of fragrant fresh herbs would be a dream for me.

Seed packets as Table Names, Escort Cards & Wedding Favors!
You can also use the Herb Seed packets as escort cards by writing the guests name underneath the name of the herb. And if you fill these seed packets with real seeds the escort cards are now turned into charming wedding favors! It’s a really sweet idea and super easy to do!

To present the seed packets at the tables you can just punch a hole at the top of the packet when you have closed it, thread some ribbon or twine through the hole and tie the packet around a vase or similar. You can also do what I did and make a simple card holder from a bit of wire.

To get your hands on my Herb Seed Packets simply download my template here and you can start creating your own sweet country style garden wedding.

DIY wedding Seed Pakcet for Table Names

To make the sweet seed packets and the wire holders on the photo I used the following  materials and tools:

Packaging paper (cut to size to fit my printer)
My computer and printer
A pair of scissors
Steel wire (galvanised)
Steel plyers to cut the wire
A few seeds (any kind of seeds)

Here is how I did it:
I started by printing out the Herb Seed Packet templates on my computer. I went for an “old fashion look” so I chose to print the templates on some old packaging paper which I cut to size so it could run through my printer. You can print the templates on whatever paper suits your wedding theme but keep in mind the text on the template is black (see the photo below).
DIY Template for Seed packets as table numbers

After printing out the templates I cut out each packet with a pair of scissors but you can also use a papercutter if you have one.

Next I placed each template with the print facing down and folded the side tabs in towards the middle using the black lines as guidance (see photos below).
DIY wedding table names

I then added a thin layer of glue to the two side tabs and folded the front of the packet in over them to glue the packet together. Remember not not to glue the tap at the top as this will close the packet (see photos below).
Wedding table number and names

Wedding Table Numbers

Wedding table numbers as seed packets!

Once all the seed packets were finished and the glue had dried I wanted to give the packets an appearance of being full so I filled each of them with 2 teaspoons of small seeds before closing the packets. To close the packet fold down the tap at the top and glue it onto the back of the packet. I used fennel seeds (because that’s what I had available) for all the packets but you can use any kind of seed you like to complete the look of the packets you use for the tables (see the photo below).
DIY wedding table numbers as see packets - perfect for a garden themed DIY wedding!

To make my seed packets sit nicely in the table centerpieces I made a simple, rustic looking wire holder for each of my seed packets. Using steel plyers I cut a 16” long piece of wire to make each of my holders. This made my holders approximately 8” long when finished.

Approximately 8” in on the wire I twisted the wire two times around a piece dowel to create two perfectly round loops placed closely together (see photos below).
How to make Table Number Holders for DIY wedding table numbers

Next I removed the double-looped wire from the dowel and started twisting the two pieces of wire around each other (see photo below).
How to make wedding table numbers DIY

When the two bits of wire were completely twisted the holder was finished and I could now place a seed packet in between the two wire loops. If you are making your packets out of thin paper (like I did) you can place a piece of cardstock cut to size inside each packet to help it stand straight and upright. Now the packets are ready to stick into a flower pot, a vase or something else (see photos below).
Beautiful Wedding Table Numbers and Names Displayed on Seed Packets!

To make the seed packets shown above download the
Free Seed Packet Collection here

To make your own seed packets for tabel numbers or escort cards download the
Editable Seed Packet Design here (this design is currently being prepared for download but I am working fast!)

Enjoy your DIY project!

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