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When we received the images from Kirstin and Jon’s wedding day we just couldn’t help to smile! What an amazingly colourful and innovative wedding! Being so full of playfulness, sassiness and delightful drama it is absolute eye candy for any DIY bride looking for ideas or inspiration.

When seeing all the fun and decorative details of this wedding it was no surprise to us when we found out that Kirstin is an artist. Using her artistic talent and with help from her friends and her florist (WOW there really should be more florists making candy bars & gorgeous "love signs"!!!) she beautifully managed to add a very personal touch and loads of character to this wedding.

All photography by Morgan Bayard Photography.

Kirstin and Jon's amazing wedding
Not only has Kirstin & Jon shared their gorgeous wedding with us but Kirstin has also told us how she made all her stunning designs. She has shared tips and techniques on how to paint bottles for table decorations, design your own wedding stationery and much more. Thank you so much Kirstin – It’s a real pleasure to be able to pass all your DIY experience on to our many readers.

Kirstin's wedding jewelry
Kirstin's wedding dress, shoes and bridesmaids shoes
I love Kirstin's dress! It is from David's Bridal and the gorgeous shoes she picked for herself and the bridesmaids are from Macys!

Bridesmaids dresses and Kirstin's bridal hair piece!
The hair piece Kirstin chose is super elegant and sat so perfectly in her hair.

Kirstin and Jon's DIY wedding day
Jon and his groomsmen
Jon and his groomsmen....Such a fun the shoes and the sunglasses! The suits are from Sarno and Sons.

Wow the Kirstin's flowers are a real piece of art!
Some of Kirstins amazing wedding table decorations!
All the table decorations where made by Kirstin herself. She decorated with bottles and made matching table numbers. The possibilities and different styles of table decorations you can achieve with painted bottles are unlimited. Kirstin has kindly shared her "bottle painting techniques" with us here on the website so if you want to know how she did it simply click here

Kirstin and Jon's wedding day!
Kirstin's awesome wedding bouquet!
The bridal bouquet was truly amazing...a real piece of art by Pink Dahlia.

Such a lovely photo!
Off they go!
Wow that looks like fun!!! What a ride!

Groovy wedding socks!
DIY boom box for cards & escort cards
so-qThe cool thing about our card box was that we carried it back to the hotel on our shoulders like a real old school boom box. To make it I found a box about the size and shape that I wanted, taped it shut with masking tape and painted it white. I found some reference pictures and painted away. I used an x-acto knife to cut out the card slit and “Space Age Computer Program Lettering” for the “Thank You” font. I sprayed the box with a crystal clear spray coat and boom! It was also nice that the box couldn’t be opened and no cards could fall

Fun DIY wedding!
Mr. and Mrs. Howie!
Kirstin's homemade wedding cake, wedding food and signature drink!
I have never been to a wedding that had a living statue...what a fun idea that is!!!
The couple had also planned two signature drinks for their wedding; A "Vodka Jonny" & a "Howie-Wowie" - I love the "Howie-Wowie" drink - "Howie" is Kirstin and Jon's last name - brilliant! AND wait there is more..the fun wedding cake design is also Kirstin's own!

so-qOur last name is Howie so I wanted something catchy and fun (for our signature drinks). Our friend Brian always says wowie so it came to mind. Using a rhyming phrase with your new last name is a fun way for your guests to celebrate and literally toast to the new couple. The HOWIE-WOWIE was a margarita-tinisc-q.

Wedding program designed by the bride herself
so-qSince we went small place there were no actual plates at the setting, so the programs took center stage. I printed the programs from my home computer using cardstock stencil font. The Programs match the bags for the candy bar, and stickers on the hospitality bags. This saved a lot of money and looked great! My florist laid one flower at each place setting for a personalized

so-qAlmost everything (the wedding stationery) was printed from my home computer printer on cardstock and vellum. For the invitations I folded red card stock into a pocket to hold all of the info. Using pre perforated business card and post card paper I designed my invite to match the size. I also had some concert style tickets printed, they went in with the invitation for that extra “urban feel”. Since the ticket printing company ( sent me like 300 tickets I used the image from the back of the extra tickets (a painting of mine) as the seal for the invites. I used ink drip stamps to bring it all together. Stamps are great because you can make everything match. I also stamped my escort cardssc-q

Kirstin and all her girls!so-qMy friend Kim at Pink Dahlia Floral and Event Design came up with the Gerbera Daisy Wristlets a low budget alternative to individual bouquet’s for my bridesmaids. I loved the idea that they are made on a keepsake-beaded bracelet and can be worn all night!sc-q

OMG this photo booth outstanding!
so-qI wanted a funky low budget alternative to a photo booth, so started researching and found some pictures of photo walls. My handy friend Dan agreed to make one for my big day. He took light weight wood and constructed a free standing wall. He found three frames and cut out holes to match. He used a graphic print fabric to give the appearance of wallpaper. The results were awesome! Guests can frame themselves and take fun photos. You can also frame family photos, baby pictures or other wedding themed images to hang next to the

Amazing DIY wedding photo booth!
I have to say that this photo booth is the best one I have ever seen!!! It's all DIY and so brilliantly done! I really need one! Please!

DIY wedding photo booth - brilliantly done!
I can't get enough of this photo booth! Kirstin do you think your friend will tell me how he made it? It's perfect!

Kirstin's DIY wedding tables and decoration ideas!
Very festive and incredibly creative! The dark table cloths make such a brilliant contrast to the white, red and purple colors of Kirstin's decorations. It's so clever and also a super smart way to save on expensive flowers decorations.

The beautiful and very creative bride...
Kirstin's make up and hair was done by Pink Comb Salon.. So pretty Kirstin!

Deliciously looking candy bar made by Kirstin's floris!
so-qThe cool DIY trick for the candy bar is to use the same font or phrase on the bag stickers that you use for other parts of your wedding (ours was J+K=LOVE). Used also on the Programs & the hospitality bag stickers. Kim from Pink Dahlia used personal items in the candy bar like Big Ben (because my Mom is from the UK)!sc-q

Yummy candy bar!
Jon and his groomsmen
Ohhh happy day!
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Howie!The amazing "love sign" made by Kirstin's florist!so-qHanging over the bar, Kim from Pink Dahlia Floral and Event Design made the letters to spell out “LOVE” one of our themes of the night. She used large white foam core, a drill press, and Holiday lights from Target to make the super awesome sign, no painting required! We turned it on unexpectedly half way through the night and everyone cheeredsc-q.

Bride: Kirstin Howie, 29, Art teacher
Groom: Jon Howie, 32
The Date: 10-01-2011
Location: Morristown, New Jersey
Wedding Venue: Morris Museum

Photographer: Morgan Bayard Photography

Dress: Davids Bridal, Shoes: Macys, Grooms suit: Sarno and Sons, Hair and Make-up: Pink Comb Salon, Flowers:, Candy Bar:, Love Sign:, Caterer: Encore Catering, DJ: Scratch Weddings - DJ JVC, Transportation: Great American Trolley Company and Golden Carriage.

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