25 Money Saving Ideas

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Ideas on saving invitations, food, seasons, drinks, wedding flowers, tables and much more! Ideas on saving invitations, food, seasons, drinks, wedding flowers, tables and much more!

When planning a wedding good "Money Saving Ideas" are always welcome

Here is our collection of 25 great Money Savers for our DIY brides world wide:

1) Have a smaller wedding with fewer guests. This will cut your total wedding costs a lot. The fewer guests - the fewer invitations - the fewer tables - the less food & drinks and so forwards. Smaller weddings are often much more enjoyable for guests attending the wedding as well as for the couple. The average guest list in the States includes 157 guests. I have several times heard that guests at big weddings more often feel like a “stand-in” than actual guests.

2) Simply and stylish invitations. Make your own gorgeous and personal invitations or keep it simple but using one single sheet of paper. Don’t waste money on getting your invitations engraved if you have a tight wedding budget. Invitations can be done for much less and still send the same lovely message to your guests. Or go to www.vistaprint.com to design your own.

3) Avoid May - October. This is the high season and prices on everything are higher. Why not a spring wedding in April or March? Or a gorgeous wedding in early winter? Choosing to have your wedding out of peak season is definitely going to cut the costs.

4) Consider a wonderful Asti instead of champagne. Not everybody likes champagne. In fact the majority of people detest champagne but still drink it out of obligation at weddings, new year parties and other big celebrations. Buy a couple of bottles of different Astis and discover the how wonderful a bubbly drink can taste! It’s sweet and gorgeously delicious and best of all - a fifth of the price of champagne.

5) Less snacks and food at the reception. If strawberries are in season get your friends around the night before and let them dip strawberries in chocolate for you. I bought strawberries for $25 & melting chocolate for $6 and had enough for 50 guests. I also served filled chocolates at the reception. I shopped for chocolate early and found an amazing offer to 400 grams of Luxury Chocolates for just $15 I bought chocolate for $75 and had chocolate for the reception and for the coffee later. By serving other things at the reception we could save the wedding cake for the dessert.

6) Buy flowers in season. Amazing flowers exists all year around and you will always be able to find some in your colour scheme. Choose the less expensive ones in your color scheme and stick to just a couple of different ones.

7) If you have the skills and the time, you can make your own table centrepieces. It’s not as difficult as you may think. A couple of videos from You Tube or from the library will give you some skills in making simple flower decorations. Try it – it is not that difficult! Also remember that large & tall centrepieces are often very unpractical for the guests as they make it hard for guests to get eye contact with each other.

8) Avoid decorating the church with flowers. You get so little enjoyment out of these flowers. Your guests will most likely appreciate a few flowers at the reception instead.

9) Have the wedding ceremony and the wedding party at the same place.This makes it easy and less expensive on transport for you and your guests and will cut costs considerably on decorations in total.

10) Use less but bigger tables. This way you can cut the number of table decorations down and also table cloths.

11) Think ahead when you look for decor. Go shopping after Christmas for decorative lights. Almost any color and design is available during the Christmas months. It’s easier to get what you want if you think ahead and shop within season.

12) Which flavour and favor? Most weddings in the States have more than 100 guests. Unless you have cut down the list the wedding favors will cost you a lot of money. Be smart when you shop for your wedding favors. Instead of putting Gourmet Chocolates in the favour bags or boxes use something less expensive like homemade cookies or sugar coated almonds. Click here for a delicious and simple recipe for cookies. I did this and had to give the recipe for some of my guests after the wedding.

13) Stick to one favor per person or even per couple.

14) Decorate with candles and lantern and buy fewer flowers. Lanterns and candles are incredibly popular and can often be found at amazingly low prices in particular at the end of summer. I got heaps for our wedding for just $2 each at a supermarket. We also bought loads of garden torches at the end of the season for a fifth of the price ($1 a packet/3pieces.)!

15) Make your own menu cards. Have a look around the internet to see the way menus are phrased (or click here to take a look at my home made menu card). It’s not as difficult as it sounds you just need a little bit of time.

16) Simple up the food. Again stick to the season and look for alternatives. For our wedding we would have liked to serve aperitifs and snacks instead of having a sit down dinner. But since most of our guests travelled so far to be at our wedding it was in the right place to spoil them as much as we could afford. We saved loads of money on the starters: We got some fresh locally smoked salmon (local – good – cheap) which our helping friends arranged on a bed of salad for each guest. The main meal was spit beef roast with a beautiful buffet (always test a buffet before ordering). For the vegetarians we served my homemade quiches (click here to see my recipe) and finally we had the wedding cake for dessert together with the lovely chocolate I had got on special 2 months earlier.

17) Shop for drinks early when they are on special if you are celebrating your wedding at home. Or simply offer a couple of different drinks such as wine, beer, one cocktail and soft drinks.

18) Order a simple wedding cake and decorate it with real flowers. You can also skip the tiered cake and serve a large sheet cake instead. Think differently and offer your guests you and your fiancés favourite cake or perhaps the cake you had the on your first date or something similar.

19) Use candles on the cake table instead of flowers. Or use the flowers from the reception on the cake table.

20) look for a dress early. Buying your wedding dress early is a great way to save money – in particular if you are planning to have your wedding off-peak. You can save thousands on a stunning wedding dress if you wait till the sale is on after the busy summer months.

21) Save on shoes. Pay a little bit less for your shoes in particular if you are wearing a long, wide wedding dress. No one will be able to see your shoes under the long skirts anyway.

22) Closed shoes can save the pedicure. This may not be such a popular “issue” to save on for many brides but if you look after your feet during the months up to the wedding you really wont need a pedicure and if your shoes are closed no one will see your toes and heel anyway.

23) A round wedding bouquet instead of a long falling one. The groom is choosing and giving you your wedding bouquet. But chances are that both of you share all the finances so agreeing on the shape and size of the bouquet can save you some money.

24) Cut the number of bride's maids. Don’t risk loosing your best girlfriends but be sensible about how many bride’s maids you need. Instead of having 6 or 8 stick to 2 or 4 although a lot of bride’s maids look amazing on the wedding photos.

25) Begin searching early for the music and entertainment. Look for a small band or cut the live music altogether and get a really good juke box with music in for everybody.

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