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Begin planning your DIY wedding adventure here! Begin planning your DIY wedding adventure here!

When you start planning your wedding, there are many practical things to consider and get in place.

This applies to everything from completing and submitting marriage declaration and to posting the “thank you cards” after the wedding.

Whatever size wedding you choose to have there will be a certain amount of tasks to be solved. We recommend you create a shortlist for before the Big Day and one for after.

On your shortlists you can write the task description, whom is responsible for the tasks and the deadline for the task.

By having control of tasks and the deadlines you will get a good experience planning your own wedding. In other words – “to-do lists" avoids the most stressful and silly last-minute solutions. Wedding Planning should be fun and a good memory. Remember that!

See our "Step by Step Wedding Planning List" here.

Through out this section of "Get Started" you will find our suggestion for a good basic "guide" for wedding planning. Our guides are based on the tasks that our users have told us that they have on their "to-do lists". It is therefore an average "guide" and it may well be that you need to add or delete some items.

It is not uncommon that many companies are fully booked early in the season. So if you are not quick (one year before the wedding is not early it may well be that your dream photographer, venue or favourite band is booked by other couples who where faster than you.

The same applies to the church, the priest and the town hall. Once you know that you are getting married, whether in church or at city hall, send your marriage declaration form to the office and start booking the venue, photographer etc.

It is not unusual, if you as a woman feel that you are all alone with the responsibility for wedding planning. There are many men who are not interested at all in the wedding planning. If it is like that for you then remember that this doesn’t mean that your future husband doesn’t love you or will not marry you. Men and women are just different when it comes to wedding planning.

But remember that your “to do list” is guaranteed to be long, so it is important that your future husband will be involved in performing some of the tasks on your list. Tell him how much it means to you that he helps and explain how important it is that you book everything early. If you are lucky, you might have some lovely friends, siblings and relatives who are active in helping you completing the “to-do list”. It may be that they automatically become involved in wedding planning in advance, perhaps as toastmaster, gift coordinator, bridesmaid, best man or something else.

TIP: It is a super good idea to fix most of what can be arranged in advance. Both for practical reasons for yourself but also because there are many other brides out there planning their weddings too. This means there is competition for you to get your prefered photographer, venue, band etc.

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